Kids' and

Teens' dig


Sponsored by
The Big Horn Basin Foundation
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Hey kids!

Ever wonder what it would be like to track down a dinosaur - maybe even discover a new species?

No need to travel back in time! Join us for a real-life adventure - digging on the Warm Springs Ranch dinosaur dig sites near Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Nothing fake about this it's hands-on science at its best. Dig in the dirt and rock along with our paleo-technicians. So you'll get hot and dusty, so what? Who knows maybe you'll "strike it rich" with a real fossil find! It's happened before!

And while you're at it, we'll teach you a thing or two about fossils and what this area was like when dinosaurs hung out here.

Think what a great story you'll have when they ask you what you did on your summer vacation!

Between 8 and 12 years old? You qualify for our Kids' Dig.

Between 13 -15 years old? Move on up to the Teens' Dig.

Parents! Click here to sign up your child for an unforgettable educational experience.

So what IS the difference in dinosaur bone and ordinary rock?

You mean belemnites are related to Octopus?

What are fossil salt-water shells doing on a dry mountain top?

Maybe this dino claw would look cool with some wild purple nail polish.

Kids' Dig 2001
A science adventure for kids age 8 -12.

7- 8

Join us for a fun-filled adventure!

  • Dig with the professionals (supervised hands-on dig)
  • Tour the Wyoming Dinosaur Center museum with a guide
  • Make your own fossil
  • Learn easy ways to identify fossils and bones

This girl (right) shows a belemnite


Classroom activities teach the kids how to make their own fossil





Teens' Dig 2001
A 1 1/2-day paleontological study for ages 
13 -15
August 14-15
(Limited to 20 participants - first come, first on the hill to dig dinos!)
Let's dig dinosaurs!
  • Dig with the professionals (supervised hands-on dig)
  • Tour the Wyoming Dinosaur Center museum with a guide for in-depth information
  • Work alongside technicians to clean and prepare bones in the preparation laboratory
We provide:
  • Guides and teachers
  • Bus transportation to dig sites
  • Lunches
  • Digging tools on a check-out system (or buy your own through the museum shop - great souvenir).
  • Souvenir water bottle
You'll need:
  • Sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots - the dig sites are steep
  • Hat and sunscreen - the sun is intense here
We found a dino bone first!


See sample schedule




Pre-payment necessary
Registrations are processed on a first-come first-serve basis.
Cost: $50
Let us know if you would like to volunteer.
For more information Phone: 307-864-2259 Fax: 307-864-5762
Print out the Registration form and
send in completed to register for your digging adventure!!